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"They used to run the country. Now they're running for their lives!"

Summary (Spoilers!)

Former presidents, and bitter political rivals, Russell P. Kramer (R) and Matt Douglas (D) are caught up in a presidental scandal. When Marine One explodes in the Appalachians woods (A failed part of the cover-up, they're supposed to die) leaving them stranded, the 2 rivals must work together to clear up their names. Along the way to Kramer's presidential library in Ohio they meet a homeless family, are forced to jump off a train carrying North Carolina State students, get a rid from a woman carrying illegal immigrants, and even march in a gay pride parade. All the while they are trying to avoid capture and death by the government in order to protect the cover-up. After getting a confession from Chief of Staff Wilkerson, the 2 presidents make it to Washington and after some strange antics (This includes leading a odd White House tour and a wild horse chase) confront President Haney and force him to resign. Afterwards the realize its all a ploy by the horribly stupid vice president, Ted Matthews and secretly record his "confession." and have him hauled off to jail after his 1 year term (The movie takes place in the 3rd year of Haney's term). At the end of the movie, the 2 political rivals run as Independent president and vice presidential candidates.

Cast (Incomplete)


Although a fairly entertaining movie, this is definately not one of Jack Lemmon's best works. A interesting plot with way to much profanity as part of the humor makes this movie seem boring after sometime. It's worth a laugh, but it's most likely going to be a forgettable movie. My favorite part of the movie is this:

    Margaret Kramer: Before we checkout [out of the hotel] do you want me to steal all of the little shampoos and soaps?
    Russell Kramer: God Margaret...I already got them.

Okay, maybe it's not that funny, still. It's an okay movie to watch if you have some time.



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