Hey Kids!

Tired of your friends bragging about their breeder reactors? Too much Heavy water bringing you down? Is the sun just not bright enough for you?

Then what you need is a Tokamak! A My First Tokamak!

Just fill it with hydrogen, add a spoonful of tritium, and watch it go! My First Tokamak comes with everything you need* for hydrogen fusing fun! Be the first kid on your block to have their own miniature sun in their bedroom! Fun for all ages! Entertains for hours!



*megawatt plasma bottle power supply and concrete bunker not included

Warning! Not to be used by children under the age of 4 without supervision. Contains small parts. Contains heavy parts. Keep ferrous and magnetically sensitive materials away from My First Tokamak. May require NRC approval in some areas. Surfaces may become hot during operation. BLAMMO! will not be held liable for: neutron irradiation, electrocution, spontaneous combustion, damage due to electromagnetic fields, freeze burns from liquid hydrogen, or the sudden release of hot radioactive plasma into the atmosphere. Be safe! Always use protective eyewear.

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