A Chicago-based band. The sound is difficult to describe; it varies from straight goth to satanic disco to out-and-out funk. Common themes include Satan, drugs, and cheesy movies. Recommended. You'll probably want to start with Confessions Of A Knife or Kooler Than Jesus.

It's 1987 and a band called Hammerhead Housewife and the Thrill Kill Kult, featuring core TKK members Groovie Man and Buzz McCoy, are tired of playing for years and not making any money. They come up with an idea for a movie that is going to be something out of Charles Manson's Spahn Ranch, and decide to name it My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult. While shopping around for record labels and funding, they sit down with Dannie Flesher and Jim Nash, founders of Chicago-based industrial label Wax Trax! records. After some discussion, Dannie and Jim decide that the movie's not worth it, but the soundtrack for it is great! And so, The Thrill Kill Kult was born.

Information gathered from the Wax Trax! records anthology box-set Black Box

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