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After high school, in late 1994, and during the time that Witchiepoo was getting ready to move away, I moved into an apartment with Lee. We shared a bed, platonically, and I kept all of my belongings in the linen closet. Her mother Sharon paid for her tuition, rent, and all of her bills. Sharon was always cooking something fabulous, chocolate covered cakes and creamy tuna casserole (I love tuna casserole). I paid half the rent, and worked as a waitress while I went to college. I dropped out of college while living with Lee, it just seemed like a waste of time. I started hanging out with my restaurant friends, and we went out raving every weekend. Lee and I would go to the thrift store together and pick out tiny t shirts and corduroy pants to wear. My restaurant friends liked Lee, but at the same time they hated her. The guy I had a crush on, Eric, said that Lee was pretty in that Sports Illustrated kind of way... if you were into that sort of thing. Lee wanted to devour some of my friends the way that she devoured the rest of the world.

"Oh God I just want to fuck Ben!"
"I love Vickie's mouth, I just want to suck on her lower lip! Fuck!"

She never really got the chance except for one occasion, and He Wasn't Really That Great anyway.

On Sunday afternoons, we would go to Sharon's house to do laundry. I was pale, too skinny, and half strung out from being awake the last two nights on acid. One Sunday Sharon came to me, waving her hands in the air, gold rings clinking, red hair poofing out around her face.

"Jen, I just have to tell you that you have the most adorable butt. Really. The way that it is, up on the top of your legs, like a perfect little W. You just look so good."

Lee agreed.
I was 5'6" and weighed about 105 lbs. I looked like a scarecrow.

Lee was bulimic.

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