ANDREW TATE: I'm here on a busy street corner, looking at average joes. You there, sir, would you like to answer a few questions!

AVERAGE JOE: Who the heck are you?

ANDREW TATE: I'm Andrew Tate, mate.

AVERAGE JOE: No you're not.

ANDREW TATE: Excuse me?

AVERAGE JOE: You look exactly the opposite of the Andy T I know. He's kinda short, full head of hair, clean-shaven, kinda pudgy...kinda feminine...kinda good-lookin'...

ANDREW TATE: I think maybe we're thinking of different Andrew Tates.

AVERAGE JOE: Well, maybe. Or maybe something really weird happened to you while I was at work. Come on, let's grab a few beers.

ANDREW TATE: Wait, I'm not --

AVERAGE JOE: Don't give me that, come on. I never want to miss a day with my good buddy Andy T.

ANDREW TATE: Jim, why are you still filming this?

JIM THE CAMERA GUY: This is going to get a lot more views than your usual opinion piece, mate.

ANDY T: Wait, Joe, who are you dragging behind you?

AVERAGE JOE: He's Andrew Tate Mate.

ANDY T: No he's not. I am.

ANDREW TATE: There can be more than one Andrew Tate in the world!

ANDY T: Impossible. You must be an impostor.

ANDREW TATE: Okay, you know what, either you two are both incredibly weird or you're both actually average joes and I don't even want to entertain that possibility.

AVERAGE JOE: No no, Andy T is Andy T. I'm Average Joe.

ANDREW TATE: Whatever! You two are perfect for each other! Jim, turn that camera off and let's get out of here!

ANDY T: What the heck was that all about, Joe?

JOE: You think I want a guy like that around? The only way to avoid getting trapped in a stupid political argument with someone like that and used for clickbait YouTube videos is to play the complete idiot.

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