My grandmother is in the hospital, after having a near-death experience.

It started out merely as a perforated ulcer, but because of her age (she's 85), things became rather complicated. Unfortunately, there's still a strong likelihood that she will die, yet with proper medical treatment, she also has a good chance of partial recovery.

Except my mom ardently wants her mother to die.

She and my father were arguing about it earlier today.
"Let her die! Why dont we just let her die?" she shrieked.

My grandmother is not on life support. She is fully concious and alert (albeit a little senile). The only problem is that she must be placed in a rehabilitation care facility- one that costs, even with insurance, nearly $100 a day. And my mother is simply unwilling to pay for it, even for as little as a week.

It's not as though my mother can't afford it- she's spending thousands of dollars on my sister's bat mitzvah this weekend, for example. She has plenty of money to buy expensive antiques for our house, yet not enough to pay for the health care her own mother- the person who brought her into the world- direly needs.
Does my mother not strike you as a twisted individual, one whose priorities are grossly perverted?

And then she wonders why I don't love her.

My mother got her wish. My grandmother passed away April 14, 2001.

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