Lately I’ve been feeling like my skin is hiding something
under the top…
layer? and I just wantI
want to ask her to touch my chest with her fingertips talking like children on a

But I end up talking
To the point that she doesn’t but I don’t know what I’m saying so I end up singing
shatter my glass house
rub the glass under my nails until It’s sandcastles with waves rushing
i watch from the parapet

and I’m back on the beach with the waves
And she’s telling me that I can’t swim but I’m thinking of a boat
And I’m telling her that I can’t swim but I have a life jacket

The cheap wood scratches itches my skin
‘til it leaves tattoo’s stories
with ink drawn from the trees that hang in my garden That bark is older than I am
the shadows from its leaves dance as bodies
tangled in the hall

I can’t sleep with a night light now
tracers from their movements linger hang haunt I see nothing when I open my eyes
I allow my fingers to mimic
Until I’ve opened my whole back with chicken scratch
and see there is no secret

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