The following is a list of mascots for each NBA team:

Atlanta Hawks - Harry and Sky Hawk
Boston Celtics - Lucky the Leprechaun
Charlotte Hornets - Hugo
Chicago Bulls - Benny and DaBull
Cleveland Cavaliers - Whammer the Polar Bear
Dallas Mavericks - Mavs Man
Denver Nuggets - Rocky the Cougar
Detroit Pistons - Hooper the Horse
Golden State Warriors - Thunder
Houston Rockets - Clutch Turbo
Indiana Pacers - Boomer the Panther and Bowser the Dog
Memphis Grizzlies - Griz
Miami Heat - Burnie
Milwaukee Bucks - Bango
Minnesota Timberwolves - Crunch
New Jersey Nets - Sly the Fox
Orlando Magic - Stuff the Magic Dragon
Philadelphia 76ers - Hip Hop
Phoenix Suns - Go-Rilla
Sacramento Kings - Slamson The Lion
San Antonio Spurs - The Coyote
Seattle Supersonics - Squatch
Toronto Raptors - The Raptor
Utah Jazz - Bear
Washington Wizards - G.Wiz and G.Man

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