Norges Musikkhøgskole, The Norwegian State Academy of Music. Situated in Majorstua, central Oslo, a sort-of-nice building with lots of windows.

NMH is Norway's leading music education institution, with approximately 500 students on all instruments and courses. The largest group of students study music performance, while a good number of others study pedagogics.

Despite its name (State), the Academy is not at all like similar institutions in the East Bloc countries where the students were manufactured into robot musicians. The name simply means that the school is state funded. It's also an example of bad translations, because in the original Norwegian name, there's nothing about The State.

Being a student at NMH, I'd have to say it's a good place. And it is, too, really. Good teachers, lots of practice rooms, a good computer room with a decent connection. The best part is the orchestra, though.

And me, I study the double bass. It's great!

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