(Also Nana, Nan Nan, Nana Baruku, Nana Baraclou, Boucalou)

”Moon-Sun” - Implies lack of gender.

Nana Buluku was a west African creator goddess who was worshipped by various tribes. In each tribe, the name and function of the goddess was slightly different from the rest, but there were three myths which made up the basic story of Nana Buluku.

In the beginning, Nana Buluku, the one-god, created the world. She also created a companion to help her shape the world, and that was Aido-Hwedo, the rainbow serpent. The serpent’s dung formed the mountains and nourished the earth so plants could grow. His writhing made the valleys and rivers. After the world was completed, Nana Buluku used Aido-Hwedo to prop it up, placing the serpent in the newly created ocean to keep him cool. The serpent’s only food was iron, and it was predicted that when the iron was all consumed, he would writhe again, and tip over the world.

After the world was finished, Nana Buluku gave birth to the Cosmic Twins, the great goddess, Mawu and her twin-brother and lover, Lisa (Liza). The twins were sometimes called divine, and were other times noted as the first man and woman. Once Nana gave birth, she retired from the world, and her offspring went on to become the cosmic egg and cosmic seed which set into motion the creation of all that is, was and ever will be.

Another myth states that after Orisha Oatala formed the first human on the earth, and Olodumare breathed life into it, Nana Buluku came down from the spiritual realm and entered the human, becoming the first human soul and the first human being. This made Nana Buluku not only the grandmother of the divinities, but also the ancient grandmother of the human race. In human form, she was called Ayizan and was described as a very old black woman, who covered her face with palm fronds. In her arms she carried a basket of medicinal bark, roots and herbs; she was considered the first herbalist. Palm trees were sacred to her because she had used their leaves to create the first shelter. The mandrake was also sacred to Ayizan because it resembled her human husband, Osanyin. She lived in a marshy swamp surrounded by quicksand, which protected her from wild animals.

Nana Bouclou - Ancient god of Benin (Dahomey); Hermaphroditic; Created the twins from whom all the Voodoo gods descended.

Nanan Bouclou - First god of the Ewe tribe of Benin (Dahomey); God of herbs and medicine.

Nana Buluku - Creator goddess of the Fon tribe of Benin (Dahomey).

Nana Buruku - The first grandmother to all the divinities and first human woman in the religion of the Yorubas.


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