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Nechama is the Hebrew word meaning solace or comfort. In Hebrew its spelled Nun Chet Mem Hey (N-Kh-M-H), and its shoresh, or three letter root, is Nun Chet Mem (N-Kh-M). Its gematria, or numerological value, is 103.

As the word is a feminine noun, its also a not uncommon Hebrew name, whose closest male equivalents are Nachum, comforter, and Nechemya, comforted by God. It should be noted that while Nachum and Nechemya were both Biblical prophets, there was no Old Testament character named Nechama.

Though Nechama is most properly pronounced with a short U sound- NeCHUHma- as a name it has often been Yiddishized to NeCHUma (long U) and Anglicized to NeCHAAma (long A). The "Ch" is pronounced gutturally, as in "Bach" or "Achtung", not as in "Archer" or "Chord".

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