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Necrotic Tissue is a relatively new magazine that focuses on the horror genre. Issue one came out in January of 2008, with bimonthly issues popping up ever since. Their website still has their earlier PDF e-zines, but they've switched over to print this year.

I should note here that NT has published three of my stories ("Home" in issue one, "Troubles" in issue two, and "Death Grip" in their July 2009 print issue). The first two stories I sold paid more than pro rates, which is five cents per word. Their print magazine pays for one pro-rate story per issue, and less for the rest. Their 100-word flash stories still pay pro.

The publishing company behind the magazine, Stygian, branched out into the anthology arena when they published a book that tied the stories together with a mythical hospital. The title is Malpractice, and it has some excellent stories with hospital-based horror.

The main driving force is founder R. Scott McCoy, who is a fellow Horror Writers Association member and a horror author. His latest publication is the book Fear. The magazine is dedicated to his father. The enigmatic Remo is the artist for their website and some of the magazine images. He certainly likes CGI-styled blood.

Is the magazine worth the $20 for an annual subscription? Yes, very much so, in my opinion. The stories are excellent (October 2009 included a good one from David Dunwoody), and you get a lot of reading material (over 100 pages with few ads). The magazine is perfect bound, and is the size of a trade paperback. The covers are full-color and coated, so no ink on your fingers after you've been reading for a while.

If you're into horror, take a look at the free PDF versions. The newer print stuff gets even better.

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