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A colorist, letterer and editor working for Marvel Comics between the late 70s and 1996. His real first name is Nelson.

Nel Yomtov's is responsible of the colors on every single issue of Marvel's The Transformers, working for over 9 years on the same project. He considers these one of the most memorable times of his career. He isn't credited for his work in a couple of the magazines, because they were made by British artists and Yomtov had to redo the colors to match the previous American-made issues.

In addition to The Transformers, Yomtov has also worked on various other Marvel titles such as The Incredible Hulk, Captain America, Avengers, Spider Man, Secret Wars, G.I Joe and more. Later on he became the editor of magazines including Fantastic Four and Iron Man.

Nel Yomtov was one of the 40 people laid off by Marvel on January 4, 1996. Among the fellow victims was Bob Budiansky, the main writer of The Transformers magazine.

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