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Recorded by the Beach Boys for their 1969 album 20/20, "Never Learn Not to Love" was written by Charles Manson, a now notorious cult leader and convicted murderer. The song, under its original title "Cease to Exist", would be released in 1970 on Manson's album LIE: The Love and Terror Cult. The recording of "Cease to Exist", performed by Manson and his Family (for those that don't know, Manson's followers were called "the Family"), is stripped-down and folksy, a sharp contrast to the bouncing fluty version that the Beach Boys released. It typifies Manson's view of women, that they should be submissive, with lyrics like "give up your world" and "submission is a gift, go on, give it your brother". The Beach Boys, of course, changed some of the lyrics for 20/20 to be less obviously sexist, including changing the titular phrase from "cease to exist" to "cease to resist".

"Women are nice, as long as they keep their mouth shut and do what they are told," Manson once said in a televised interview in the 70s.

It's not so surprising, then, that Dennis Wilson, the womanizing daredevil drummer of the Beach Boys, befriended Manson. It was Wilson that brought Manson's song to the Beach Boys's recording sessions. For a few months, he even allowed Manson and his Family to live in his spacious L.A. mansion. Bryan MacLean, a member of Arthur Lee's band Love, described Manson as "[that] 'Crazy Charlie' that Dennis Wilson brought around" to hip L.A. parties.

At a November 11th, 1968 Beach Boys session, Dennis brought in his brother Brian Wilson (who was a bit of recluse by this point) and some of the Manson family to a Capitol Records studio to record a spoken-word piece called "Fig Plucker". "Fig Plucker", a bizarre pseudo-limerick, went accordingly: “I'm not the fig plucker nor the fig plucker's son, and I'll pluck figs 'til the fig plucker comes.” Unsurprisingly, if you say it three times fast it comes out as “pig fucker”, a phrase associated with Manson and his clan (the word “pig” was written in blood on a wall at the Tate murders, which had been carried out by Manson's Family).

After the infamous Tate and LaBianca murders, Dennis refused to return to his L.A. mansion and put it up for sale, even though Manson's Family had long since been kicked out. It was all just another day in the life of a wholesome all-American surfing band.

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