Abbe Nicolas Louis de Lacaille (1713 - 1762) was a French astronomer who had the honor of naming 15 of the 88 constellations. He studied the stars of the southern hemisphere from his observatory at the Cape of Good Hope in Africa from 1750 - 1754.

Lacaille is often considered to be the first person ever to systematically observe the whole sky, an honor also ascribed to John Herschel, although Lacaille used a much smaller 1/2" telescope.

16 years before Charles Messier started to work on his catalog, Lacaille had already observed 10,000 celestial objects, as well as catalogued 42 nebulous objects. There are several remarkable objects and original discoveries in Lacaille's list, most notable is M83, the first galaxy beyond the Local Group to be discovered.

The constellations he named all got "scientific" names, with the exception of Mensa:

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