Land of the Rising Ska
The Best of Japanese Ska
Moon Ska Records, 1997

A collection of (you guessed it) ska from Japan. Surprisingly good; I bought it as a lark, but I listen to it regularly. Standout tracks: 2, 3, 4, 12.

Track Listing (artist-song)
1. Oi-Skall Mates - Nutty Sound of Oi Skall Mates
2. Coke Head Hipsters - Here Your Pop Food
3. Rude Bones - Short of Time
4. Scafull King - Lunch in Jail
5. The Sideburns - Down Town Blue Moon-Junky Days-
6. Young Punch - Nothing goes right(sic)
7. Fruity - S.A.G. to you (sic)
8. Shoulder Hopper - '67 Beetle
9. Blue Beat Players - Cool Ska
10. Snail Ramp - Run Away
11. Duck Missile - Push Out
12. Determinations - Lion Bite

Crux's Final Score:7.9/10

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