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Niman Ranch is one of the premier purveyors of beef on the left coast. One of the unverified slogans that people in the food world pass around is that neiman ranch cows have: Happy cows make for a good steak basically. This is true, Neiman Ranch is also one of the few places that can provide entire sides of aged beef and their cleanliness and food handling quality is very high. they also provide properly marbled beef as they seem to regard currently popular severly lean steaks as being below them. (rightly so I might add)

In fact a great deal of pity should go out to those who eat steak at places like sizzler and Black Angus.

Niman ranch also makes applewood smoked bacon and other terrific cuts of pork. If you are looking for chicken, try to buy from hoffman game birds. To find either of these amazing food products, and to make your vegitarian friends crack under their dreamy smells of goodness ,go to the saturday farmers market at the ferry building in san francisco, and get there early so you can actually get what you want.

Their website can be found at www.nimanranch.com

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