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Poor translation of the title of a book by Japanese director, television personality, author and painter Takeshi "Beat Takeshi" Kitano. A more representative translation might be something like "Film Theory Lacking Humaneness/Justice/Duty/Respect".

The book consists of a series of film reviews, which are extremely casual and digressive. A few choice excerpts, translated late one night under the influence of too much sake, follow:

  • Heaven and Earth (Ten to Chi to) by Kadokawa Haruki: "I enjoyed finding faults to give shit about in this apparently wonderful film."
  • Dreams by Akira Kurosawa: "Watch half, sleep half--have REAL dreams. Mr Kurosawa maybe you are too old to make this film."
  • Field of Dreams by Phil Alden Robinson: "American baseball has a long history and rich tradition and you should not think watching this movie will make you understand it all."
  • Goodfellas by Martin Scorsese: "This boring/worthless true account is movie depicted honestly, Deniro and the big climactic scene if they weren't there they would not be missed."

In the middle of his review of Heaven and Earth, he notes, "I really have nothing to add, but, if the rest of the pages were blank, you all would be in big trouble, so I guess I would go on like it's a clearance sale."

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