I hope the above writeup is a parody, but if not, let's tackle this idiocy point by point.

"Protesters can't change anything."

Yes, of course, those people who fasted and marched with Ghandi accomplished nothing. The British are still in India. And there was a bloody war to boot, right?. Ditto to Martin Luther King and friends. Jim Crow prevails in the south to this day. And the people that flocked out to tear down the Berlin Wall, well they still have the Stazi don't they?

"Usually, a protester is a jobless college student who is a burden to society."

Isn't it annoying, all those people going to college, attempting to learn history, physics, medicine, film, or whatever else? What will they ever do for society?

"They go out and protest the WTO or NAFTA because they say it will cost America jobs... These people, though, have no jobs to lose."

Who are these idiots who might dare to have someone else's interest in mind?? What kind of moron takes a minute to think about someone else, much less put his or her safety/reputation on the line to help them. idiots!!! Or maybe they are so annoying that they actually know that things like WTO and NAFTA concentrate power in undemocratic and unresponsive institutions rather than elected representatives. Imagine the gall of somebody attempting to be informed!

"An hour's work at the Salvation Army is worth more than any number of stupid chants."

Oh definitely. After my hour at the Salvation Army I can rest assured that I have prevented the government from acting in the interest of a select few at the expense of justice and the environment. What a magical place the Salvation Army is!

"If ever I encounter a group of them blocking the road, I will hit them with my car. I'll go very slowly, but I will do it. This is not cruelty. This is Darwinism. This is entertainment. This is the side of justice and American glory striking back at those who would make us weak."

Well, if you ever hit me with your car you can be sure that I'm going to stand up, break your fucking windows, grab you, haul you out, and slap your pathetic authoritarian ass around with my gold ass dick. But then again, your pansy ass will be nowhere near where I'm protesting because your little lungs can't handle a whif of tear gas. Eat shit and die.

phew, I feel better.

Pro*test"er (?), n.


One who protests; one who utters a solemn declaration.


2. Law

One who protests a bill of exchange, or note.


© Webster 1913.

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