The 2003 Masters golf tournament might be more notable for the amount of protests than the actual golf, with PARP being one of the more amusing sidenotes.

With Martha Burk of the National Council of Women's Organizations and Jesse Jackson's Rainbow/PUSH Coalition protesting the Augusta National Golf Club's all-male membership policy, a small Ku Klux Klan splinter group gathering, and protest groups protesting against each of the above groups, PARP is a step beyond that.

The group formed by a local Augusta resident, Deke Wiggins, is self-explanatory. They're protesting all the protesting going on, and were given a permit to gather just like the other groups.

According to an Associated Press story on April 12, 2003:

A few locals calling themselves People Against Ridiculous Protests said they were making their point by not protesting. They planted their banners -- one saying "Look at all the RIDICULOUS people" -- and left.

"We just don't want to show up and add to the ridiculousness of what's going on," said Deke Wiggins, leader of the group.

Protesting against the protesters by refusing to protest. Maybe the most effective and meaningful protest of the whole weekend.


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