Why, I don't know why-that's the problem, see? She just up and left. And I'm here, ya know, with a trailer payment and a truck that don't run good half the time and whatnot... I don't know. I called her Mom and she ain't saying nothing, but I don't think she was a lying 'cause she said she would call if'n she heard anything and didn't hang up and stuff, like she used to when we first got married.

I called her sister in town, who don't talk to me about nothin' and she told me she was sorry, but she didn't know anything, but she didn't curse me out, so I'm thinkin' she was honest and stuff...

She was here, I mean, we was here for about three years and had you know, a three wheeler and a couple of dogs, Oh, yeh, she left the dogs.., but I mean we had kinda a family, even though she couldn't have kids. We tried and well, you know, sometimes, well, I don't know, it just didn't work out. But, we would put up a Christmas tree and evera-thing, get presents for the dogs and stuff. She got me a new pair of boots last year and I got her some of that perfume from the Avon her sister used to sell. It wont much, but hell, we had a roof over our heads.

No she didn't say nothin. No, we wont fighting, I mean no more 'en usual. Just the regular stuff. "Clean this" "Pick up that"-that type of stuff, but no throwing crap and no hitting. Nothing major. I ain't got no idea. Am I sure? Am I sure she's gone? Oh, hell yes- I'm sure. No, there wont no note- but I'm sure. She took all her clothes while I was at work and cleaned out 'bout half the pantry of food. Left me a bunch of canned stuff. But no opener. Can you imagine that? What was she thinking?

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