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NoCrew is a swedish demogroup who were active on Atari ST and still are to some extent. These days mainly focusing on Unix-like systems like Linux.

Back in the old days, there were productions present in such astonishing releases as The Whattaheck Demo, and the SoWatt Demo. Some standalone products have also been made, which include the Omegasnake Demo, pulled off using a GFA-Basic manual, and a chair. After that era, NoCrew moved on to the Atari Falcon, with all the amazing new powers hidden in it.

While the Falcon was a nice machine, the interest began floating away from the centralisation around the Atari, and the flexible and stable world of Un*x opened up. Most of the crew now uses Linux for the everyday use, and most of the production is done using Linux running on all kinds of platforms, from x86 to ARM.

The production rate of NoCrew has always been the fame. With hardly any visible production rate, the reputation has still been kept up among the demo scene of the Atari, and are now self proclaimed veterans in the area.

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