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(the Non-Drug-Using-Corporate-Subculture - NoDUCS)

the single common factor binding
this monster of conservatism together
is its unconscious worship of structure.
without clearly defined form it is blind.
no creativity, only single minded

with your love of everything lateral,
intellectual or post-modern,
are probably the single most lethal
trap yet set by this foulness.

and gluttonously the faith in personality,
active individuality and passion
is assimilated and perverted

what is only a single face of
the coin is taken to be definingly human.
the fundamental characteristic of
acceptability and social norms.

all lightness,
all diversely creative forces,
all things sinister or contrary are
muffled and liquidized into a
banal and non-toxic sludge

such things capitalistic
such as alcohol and tobacco
are allowed to enter the human body
in preference to chemicals which may
lead to change, questioning, personal
destruction or pleasure.

"you will be assimilated,
 resistance is futile!"

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