The intelligent observer might come to wonder about some of the divisions made in the animal kingdom. We will start off with the birds.

Clearly we can divide all birds into three main categories: Swallows, Ducks and Ostriches. Take a look at any of these winged creatures around you, that robin out there it's obviously a swallow, just like that goose is obviously a duck. Once you've come to this enlightend state of being it's fairly easy to distinguish between these three kinds of birds. Of course it's a bit unwieldy, but that is how we progress to the next stage, if you're out in Oudtshoorn driving past an ostrich you'll be quite surprised by how closely it in fact resembles a duck. In fact you'd be quite right it is a duck. And what about that pigeon messing on your car window, it must be a duck!

So you arrive back home and Fluffy runs up the driveway to meet you and you're astounded to realise that Fluffy's essense is in fact that of a duck. But wait, this is getting easy, there's your big white LazyBoy spreading out in all its duckness waiting to enfold you in its comfort. Hell this remote you're using to channel-surf obviously has the essense too.

Yes, you are becoming enlightend, this is truly Zen. In fact once you come to this realisation you will notice that reality is nothing but a duck. You are stepping into a whole new world and nothing is too big or too small to be a duck. I can side step the question no longer! The duck must come out, it shows its duckness everywhere and it is truly duck. Quack!

As a friend of mine once remarked

"All ducks are ducks",
and that just says everything, now doesn't it?

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