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Non-alcoholic beer is an odd substance, by many metrics. However, one of the strangest ways that it is viewed, is by the law. You see, you need to be 18 to buy non-alcoholic beer in Massachusetts. I know this, because i used to work at a Stop and Shop, and that was a "restricted" (card for 18) product at the time. You also do not need a liquor licence to sell non-alcoholic beer.

I assume that you need to be 18 to buy NA beer because it gives the propriety that beer is an "adult" product, even though the drinking age in Mass. (and in many many other states) is 21. It's a responsible, yet weird decision. Many writeups have shown skepticism towards NA beer, but it has it's place, albeit a bit offbeat.

Strangely, non-alcoholic beer is never actually non-alcoholic. O'Doul's for instance has less than half a percent alcohol by volume (it is the legal limit to be considered non-alcoholic). Non-alcoholic beers also have to have that printed on the side, just like any other product containing alcohol. The sheer amount you'd have to drink to even get a buzz off of it would be enourmous. The alcohol is actually removed from the beer (it is not fermented without it, like as you would old style root beer).

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