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So for real now, do I still remember how to this? Hmm... HA! Anyway, it's been a while, and it feels that way, which is weird. Comparatively my last year and a bit in the real world feel as if it happened all at once. And right now I'm plagued by a question, when will I feel like an adult? I have good credit, a wife, a full time job with benefits that I could barely stand and almost quit without a fallback before they revoked my 2 week notice and moved me to another department and am actively shopping around for cars and places to live while budgeting out how to afford them. On paper, reading about anyone else's life, I would see them as an adult.

Well, I'm going to cut this short because before I could fully type out all my questioning I found the answer. It's because this isn't it yet. One day I'm going to look at my life and think, yup, this for the next several decades. That is when I'm going to feel like an adult. When I feel settled and sure of the future. Not to say that I'm worried about the future, just that most of it is fairly murky right now. I think Hobbits had it right, treating anyone below 33 a child, or maybe I'm remembering that wrong. Anywho, been near 7 years but I formally join the rusty race for the first time ever today. We who are about to die, salute you.


Well, time to cash in one of my five day logs. I've intended to participate in the IRON NODER CHALLENGE for at least six months despite some serious reservations. I type slowly. It's a mix of proper touch typing and the hunt and peck method but I top out at around twenty five words per minute according to the last typing instruction program I used. And If that were the only problem I could still write pretty prolifically ... but it's not. I have a short attention span. Like really, quite short. Like 'I finish sentences on different subjects than they begin half the time' kind of short. This is why I didn't have anything to post on day one. Well that and I just bit off more than I could chew by trying to condense the first eight years of Bionicle's run into a comprehensible write-up. Between research, reminiscing, and actual writing I managed a scant seven hundred fifty words. All things considered that's actually pretty good for me but that just demonstrates where my limits are. Wait where was I going with this...?

Oh, right my short attention span. It really is a problem because so many of my drafts begin with a clear focus only to devolve into a pointless string of tangents and the only way to avoid this is to constantly check and see if each sentence is actually building toward the central thrust of the paragraph. I suspect that this is just one of those practice makes perfect things; except in my experience practice makes you better up to a point where you plateau and then no matter what you do you don't get any better. I'm really hoping I'm nowhere near that point.

All of that said I'm not worried. This is partly because it occurred to me pretty early in my life that worrying about something rarely effects the outcome in a positive manner and partly because I have a few write ups that I basically finished but never got around to publishing for whatever reason. Actually options are one thing that I have more than enough of and I'm hoping that the pressure will get me to the point where I can actually type for five minutes at a time before my brain decides to wander off.


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