This is Intentions.

November 13, 2039 - The war is finally over.
We have won.

No one know's for sure when this all started. It depends on who you ask but only the older ones really know anything. Some of them were there when it was born. A lot of the purists will say it started sometime in 1998. Records indicate it was somewhere around March 23rd. Many of the others will disagree, saying it was on November 11, 1999 that the corruption was born. That's when they left, when they no longer felt it was pure. Now that the war is over, most of them went back to drinking. I disapprove but what can I say? It was their expertise that helped us win. Still, they all manage to agree on one thing, It was all Nate's fault.

This is what we know for sure.

On April 1, 2011, Everything2 went mainstream. Having remained very insular until this point, E2 had survived the internet takeover by Google. After buying Facebook, Wikipedia and starting their own porn site, the monopoly was inevitable. I remember when they used to make jokes about Google being Skynet. Oddly enough, 60% of people still used Internet Explorer. The other 40% used Firefox. Google Chrome had fallen into disuse and Safari was destroyed after the assassination of Steve Jobs in 2010.

As the global population had become quite jaded, it was only natural for someone to stumble onto E2 and post a link on their Facebook. Hoping to minimize damage Nate Oosteendorp made a deal with Mozilla. Although IE users could still technically get onto E2, only Firefox users could effectively browse. In response, one month afterwards, 90% of internet users were using Firefox and all of them were invading Everything2. As expected, they gave no heed to the old ways and used their own rules. They overwhelmed both Gods and Editors.

On October 23, 2011, E2 succumbed to fate and the servers broke down. Although staff had hastily made modifications, it was simply not enough. The public outcry was enormous. In response, Mozilla sent their best technicians to MSU in order to salvage what they could. Most of the newer entries were recovered, the mass majority belonging to the host of new users. Almost all of the older writeups were lost. Although restoration through personal archives had some effect, it was never the same. Three days later, Nate announced the plans for Everything3. He had been working on the coding in secret with Simulacron3 for many years previous, only going public because of the crisis. This did nothing to soothe the old guard. We suspect he had been intoxicated for most of the work.

The E2 fad reached its height at the end of 2011 with the E2 Implant being introduced into the market.

Predictably, the E2 fad died out mid-2012. Corrupted by legitimate profits, Nate pushed ahead with the E3 coding, sometimes going days without sleep. Mozilla made an official announcement that E3 would be up and running in time for the new year. Coding was finished December 20, 2012.

On December 21, 2012, E3 went online.
I would laugh at the irony but the noders broke 4 of my ribs.
I can remember that day. Small riots had been popping up all around the world for a week. Some people were 100% sure that the world was going to end on that day. A lot of the others just needed an excuse to let loose. I guess the crazies were half right.

In preparation for the big event, Mozilla had coded an E3 toolbar into Firefox. All their users made sure to get the update. It's how the effect spread so quickly. That and the implants. In the few months the world had used E2, the E2 Effect had already taken hold. When E3 came, it took over their minds. Only those not using computers or still using Internet Explorer survived.

This was not the future movies had warned us about. E3 didn't use robots, it used noders. On the bright side, at least the noders had to sleep, even if it was during the daytime.

Those that remained sane were a ragtag group. Most were either too old to have cared enough to use Firefox or too young to have realized Firefox was superior. The rest were people who weren't on computers at the time. If that was it, we would have died early on. However, bitter E1 and E2 users had boycotted Firefox and became most of our leaders. We also had one person who had been using his own browser. We all had high hopes but he didn't last long. If it wasn't for all the war and survivalist nerds, we wouldn't have lasted long either.
I think the amish could have survived if it was robots. They can't shoot people but I'm pretty sure robots would have been okay.

We fought a mindless guerrilla war for 15 years before we thought of a plan and spent another 11 years preparing it. I thank God for NASA's intranet. Stealing a nuke and piloting a space shuttle is slightly easier than it sounds. Right now we're in the International Space Station and waiting for our orbit to align. The nuclear warhead is ready for launch. This war is over.

This is Intentions.

"Make sure the servers are in the cross-hairs."
"E3, what a waste."

"Weapon malfunction! It's still online!"
"Are those, micro SD cards?"
"Touch The Puppy!"

*Update! It was all wrong! And on top of that NASA was shut down and E2 was sold! So much for prophesy.

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