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I encountered this wonderful product on my school trip to France this summer. We were living in a small town on the Côte D'Azur named Antibes when we found an ice cream stand that immediately caught the group's collective eye. The interesting part is that it was not the Nutella-flavored ice cream that attracted our stares, but rather a frothy libation by the name of "sweet love". This of course, led to a series of puns about "going to the town square to buy some sweet love..." It was only after I had consumed a rather large sweet love granita that I noticed Nutella ice cream.

I can not even begin to describe the glory that is Nutella ice cream. It tastes exactly like Nutella, but it is rich, cold, ice cream. The other fun thing about it is that the person working in the ice cream store takes out a little trowel and arranges the ice cream into a flower on your waffle cone.

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