Used in Europe in the same way Americans use peanut butter. It actually doesn't contain very much chocolate but you wouldn't know from the taste. It's fabulous, either spread on bread or on a spoon right from the jar. It's a bit expensive, but it's great. It also happens to be the secret ingredient of Ferrero Rocher.

Not to be confused with Gnutella, the open source file exchange software.

Nutella should never be kept in the fridge or the chocolate/hazelnut will separate from the oil and then dry and crack up and it's just sick. Don't do it. Nutella should be kept in the cupboard along with the peanut butter.

Kind of unusual but *really good* things to do with Nutella:

spread inside a tortilla and roll up. The breadiness of the tortilla keeps the thing from being unreasonably sweet.
Nutella on ritz crackers. Alot of people put nutella on more 'bland' crackers like saltines or triscits. Ritz sound like they'd be kind of gross, being buttery and salty as they are, but the flavors blend *amazingly* well. To make this even better, refrigirate them for a *short* time, just to get the nutella kind of firm.
Dip pretzel sticks in it. Even better than normal chocolate-covered pretzels.

Nutella® is the brand name of a hazelnut spread with a chocolate flavor manufactured by Ferrero.

Nutella was invented in Alba, Italy, by Pietro Ferrero, a pastry maker, who, faced with a shortage of cocoa due to World War II rationing, cut hazelnut into the chocolate. The paste he created he called "pasta gianduja." In 1949, Ferrero sold a spreadable version called "supercrema gianduja." The Nutella brand name was introduced in 1964. It enjoys great popularity in Europe, and was introduced in the United States in 1983.

As a spread, Nutella outsells peanut butter worldwide.

I used to love eating these little snack pots, choc-dips I think they were called. It was a small cup, with some biscuit fingers inside, and a small amount of chocolate dip in which to dunk said biscuits. The problem was that there was never enough chocolate, you always wanted more.

Thats's when I decided I needed an adult sized choc-dip. So you will need:

That's it. Just break the Rich tea in half so it fits into the jar, and scoop out as much chocolate goodness as you want!
It gets a bit messy as you get near the bottom of the jar so watch out for chocolate knuckles.

Is there anything this stuff isn't good on?

my own recomendations for maximum Nutella enjoyment:

Summer Version:

Dip strawberries in the silky smooth hazelnut luv. Enjoy with an apertif white wine such as a light riesling or maybe a chenin blanc.

Winter Version:

Dark toast some bread. While toast is still hot spread the chocolate joy over it. Consume with a hot cup of strong tea. I recommend Jasmine though I've found success in Earl Grey too.

Recipe for "Better than Sex"

As invented by Kalon and his better half and loved by all who come in to contact with it...


  • Cook 12 or so small pancakes or pikelets in low-fat oil
  • Arrange on plate as quickly as possible to keep heat of cooking in pancakes
  • Drop dollop of Nutella on pancake and spread with back of warm spoon
  • Add small scoop of ice cream on top
  • Ingest deliciousness
  • Brace yourself for explosion of endorphins from brain/thalamus/whatever it is
  • Wipe up drool from loss of muscular control from near-orgasmic experience
  • Repeat until pancake mix/Nutella/Ice cream depleted
  • Eat remaining pancakes/Nutella/Ice cream
  • Collapse in to queen size bed and sleep off your orgy of gluttony

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