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Well hello my name is Simon. And I love to do my drawerings.

Well ok, my name is not Simon, but if it were I think I would have a lot of fun, cos I could always say, "Simon says give me all your money" and people would have to give me all their money cos if they didn't then they'd lose. And if they lose, they'd be a loser and who wants to be a loser? Yeah, that's what I'm saying!!! But sadly enough, my name is not Simon, it's Debbie. And Debbie doesn't get to do anything cool except Dallas, but I've been there, done that...

So now that I have accomplished my life's goal (Dallas) I have turned into an apathetical crumudgeon at the supposedly young age of 25. My dentures should be arriving within the next couple of days. They told me they would be here yesterday but you know those damn doctors and how they are always trying to screw you. The only good thing about being so old and decrepit is my glacoma medication.

By the way, if I spelled something wrong or misused puncuation, kiss my ass! I'm an apathetical crumudgeon with no cares other than to be rude and mean and whatever else I want to be!!