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O Yuki Conjugate is an ambient, 'experimental' musical group from England. They were formed in 1982 in the city of Nottingham by musicians Andrew Hulme and Roger Horberry. O Yuki Conjugate was initially inspired by the atmospheric guitar playing of the Durutti Column.

O Yuki Conjugate's initial style included looping taped samples, keyboards/synth, and primitive sounding percussion/rhythm. Their first release was Scene in Mirage, which was called 'a sonic landscape' by a number of people. Fairly well received among the audience, O Yuki Conjugate went on a brief hiatus which was followed by the release of their 2nd album Into the Dark Water.

O Yuki Conjugate disappeared from the active music scene for several years, until 1991. In 1991, O Yuki Conjugate released Peyote, under the Projekt label, which brought about a relative flurry of activity for the group. A year later, they released Undercurrents/In Dark Water, which was a compilation of new material, and remixes of older music. 1994 saw the release of Equator, which was hailed as O Yuki Conjugate's most acclaimed album to date. Subsequently, O Yuki Conjugate released their Subchemical Remixes, which was a remix album, and their Primitive album, in 1996.

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