Dream: night between october 27 and 28

I am running. I know that much. It's a run through a fairly complicated, ornate place, full of corridors and baroque tracery, carpenter's rooms -- but I can never stay for long. They're always just on my tail. Some governmental forces. Or other.

And then they catch me, at last -- 

and they just tell me to stay put. Go to clear up some paperwork or something. They don't even use handcuffs.

So I decide to simply walk away. I start down a long corridor, knowing it will lead to freedom, hoping They won't notice I'm leaving. My heart races as I near the end, but I have absolutely no idea if anyone is chasing me by this point. They might as well not be. 

And suddenly I am outside, in a moonlit meadow, with a street and a single streetlight nearby. Trees surround me. In the moonlight, upon a table, is thing thing I know I have just come from -- a thing that looks like a large, white pine cone, standing upright on the wide end. it is closed, but it begins to open, ring by ring. And as it opens, it begins to flatten, so that it begins to resemble some kind of thousand-petaled lotus blossom, with petals made of some hard substance -- bone or shell. Calcium in some form.

I know this thing must open, because my friends are still in there. The last rings open, and in the center -- oh! The center! The center is filled with a multitude of miniature human skulls and bone dust! I recoil, then pick the contraption up and -- I'm not sure at this point. I think i remember shaking all the skulls and dust out. And there in the center are four electric blue -- dandelions? Spores? Mushrooms? My dream self has read about these things, how they suddenly release spores that are deadly. The instant I remember, they shoot out spores, and I am incapacitated for a while.

And after that, I forget what happened.

Sometimes I hear people say that you should follow your dreams. But some dreams are freaky.

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