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Preparing for tsunamis and the zombie ebola apocalypse: Day 2

Dr. Lizard notes that the CDC has a map of the states where there has been an enterovirus D68 case, but they are not putting up a map with ebola. Would probably cause a panic. Ohio and Texas, so far. She starts her own map. The CDC also lists outbreaks as happening in West Africa and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. De-ni-al.

Today she heads for the hardware store. Buys:

1. A small ceramic heater.
2. A garden sprayer that stands up to chemicals, including bleach.
3. Two one foot long candy snakes. (She enjoys stupid toys.)
4. Duct tape.
5. Two pieces of chicken wire only it's square boxes about an inch across. This is to put in the two new garden boxes in the front yard before the dirt. It's to keep the voles in the back yard from getting in to the garden boxes. She pictures the voles making tiny little ladders to climb into the boxes.
6. Two metal 6 foot garden posts. To put protection around her two small apricot trees and/or to spear lines of zombies.
7. More emergency line. For hanging food in trees if needed. We do have bears and the racoons will nearly sit in your lap. Especially if you are holding food or they are zombie racoons.
8. A small solar powered keychain flashlight. She already has a solar panel that will plug into her phone and supposedly will trickle charge a car. She's rather skeptical of that, but whatever. It was pricy and she bought it back when that H1N1 influenza was spreading.
9. Two containers of that stuff to start your coals in the grill. She doesn't currently own a grill.
10. Two more fire starters with the magnesium and a way to make a spark.

Satisfied, she returns to resting her lungs.

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