It's an iamb,

A what

Nothing, just nothing.

No, I mean, I know that, yes, but—

How did you think that—

You can keep on repeating the same lie all you want except sooner or—



Were you waiting long?

No, I was taking a call.

Always something.

It pays the bills, you know?

I wouldn't. I mean, you shouldn't remind me.

There's only so many ways you can hide.

I know. That's why I always drop the handles.


Those get ripped off first chance you get anyhow.

You said before that this would be last time.


Stopping's only hard if you start again—

maybe that why we never stop trying to—

It can't hurt, can it?

I wrote that my cat Boa had stopped catching mice.

Well, of course cats can read us. So, Saturday night we had a small dinner party for the Introverted Thinker, who turned 18 yesterday. In the midst of dinner, Boa Cat brought in a live mouse. Probably a birthday present. She wanted us to either play with it with her or watch. It got removed once. I then took her and the mouse to the bathroom and let her mess with it. Ick.

So after dinner she got another one. Still during dinner. Dang cat. She abandoned that one. I had put the first mouse which was half eaten in her bowl. I got the second mouse, but it was twitching, so I was not sure it was dead. I put a glass bowl over it.

This am I am up very early, that is, 3 am. I fell asleep in the sun in the yard yesterday for two hours and a bit. The Introverted Thinker has an impressive cold, using up 2 boxes of tissues in the last 24 hours, so she and I both went to bed at 8:30. I woke at 2:30 and might have gone back to sleep, but Boa was making those cat-playing-and-batting something noises. I pretended it was not a live something. Then she came up and curled up on me purring. I hoped the toy wasn't with her. Then it squeaked and she batted it on my bed.

Lights on. Yes, there was a small crippled mouse on my bed. I used a cup to transfer it to the floor. Told Boa "Good kitty. Get it." and came downstairs for tea.

The worrisome bit is all the other times she's gotten mice, the door has been open. But it's not. Well, it is now.... but now I am a bit worried.... Boa is raising mice in the house. Or she has cat powers and can open another dimension to the infinite supply of mice....

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