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I sat shiva last night, starting when I got the news about the Supreme Court nomination.

I sit in my house, lights off, did not eat, sit.

I let all the stages of grief engulf me: denial, bargaining, anger, grief.... acceptance comes hard. That is, I do not accept that this is justice, that this is ok, that I have any respect left for the continuing privileged, rich and patriarchal government.

I accept that it has happened.

Today I am up and energy renewed. On my blog one woman wrote that she has been assaulted more then once on her way home from work. She said that it's partly her fault for being out late. No, I say, it's not. Men cannot assault women because they are going home from work after rush hour. Because of what they are wearing. Because they are drunk. Because they are female. I say that I am sorry that she was assaulted.

She says that I am the first person who has ever said that they were sorry she was assaulted.

Hear that, men? I think you are pathetic and I am apologizing to other women for your behavior.

I will continue to fight.

I really don't know love at all

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