Little Einsteins is one of many, many, educational television shows and product lines aimed at toddlers and young children. I don't care much for the cartoon itself, but I am rather fond of the flash card series sold under the confusingly similar Baby Einstein brand. Each card has a picture of something -- say, a wave -- with little innocuous factoids about that thing on the back.

My son doesn't care much for them, but the short facts on each card caught my attention. Mundane as they were, there was something just so . . . poetic about them. So I wrote one.

the ocean moves always
forced to and fro 
by wind and currents

she makes waves 
high and low 
crest and trough

she is water and salt
lots of water
lots of salt

water needed 
by all living things
including you and me

water evaporates with the sun
rising on the air like a mist 
in a mile-high club of clouds 

clouds are just collections
of tiny drops of water, or ice
hanging out high in the air

if a cloud were solid
if you could jump into it
how would it feel?

dark clouds mean rain
storms with bad intentions
but rainbows happen when
light and water meet in the sky

you can’t touch a rainbow
it’s not solid
just water and sunlight
and dreams

below, the beach is where the ocean meets the land
in an age-old dance of waves and bubbles and crabs
writing their timeless music
on the sand of crushed shells

seashells are made by animals
portable homes, stuff on the go
hold a seashell to your ear

what do you hear?

Clearly, Little Einsteins is not one of my favorite shows. If it had been, I wouldn't have confused it with the line of educational products sold under the Baby Einstein brand.

No matter. The words are the same.

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