Making poetry
using words from anything
that is not poetry, i.e.
Nodes or Cereal Boxes.
"And so no force, however great, can stretch a cord, however fine, into a horizontal line that is absolutely straight."

(Years pass, bored student gets creative with the physics textbook that contains the above sentence in a boring lecture...)

And so no force, however great
Can stretch a cord, however fine
Into a horizontal line
That is absolutely straight.

Although I suppose this sort of thing could be put in its own category, called "Accidental Poetry" or something. Ronald Gross's poem "Yield" showcases what happens if you take your found poetry seriously.

Return to me
My special angel
You belong to me
It's just a matter of time
You're breaking my heart
You always hurt the one you love.
Goodnight, Irene
Autumn leaves...

— excerpt from the track list of the third tape from the eight-track compilation 50 of the Most Loved Records of Your Life (©1984 Suffolk Marketing Inc.)

I read this on-air during KBOO's 2001 Dada festival. The reading occurred via cellphone from the Powel's cafe in Portland, OR as part of a Portland e2con. I found the "poem" that morning in ideath's funhouse; later I learned of the dada festival. It was a wonderful coincidence.

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