(Paul Walker)
Found in Columbus

      Will Hershy walker , one the walker.

The time ago Hersshy walker paly in sport in family.

NFL,like Dallas , Philadelphia , Minnopolis,back,

It Dallas ,make you'ers, it more but more like.

Denard Walker paly for the, Tennessee team,

Walker in NFL, Stop in just start said so will.

Ok go to keep be kids, NFL,me school frist I,try

Our kids last name Walker?

      Ok some go try the paly, In golf ,tennis

And hockey.

I  my self work old  days yes sir, master?

      The world NFL, Enrope me like to have,

To have fun?

I hope in family the my, last walker  will keep,

Do better in the sport ?

The time is one most cousin, it like to have fun.

D,  Mc, D, will Empire is back to make  right,

In Columbus , Ohio,make right  in. American.

Enter one as to the .

I stepped over the piece of paper that lay on the sidewalk, barely registering the flicker of reflex to pick it up. I was too busy with faces. Dear Chris knew better.

Who knows if Paul Walker is a genius, learning English, typing in the dark or even the author? I just know i prize this. It feels like he wrote just what words swam through his head, spread them like butter without pausing in the play, tripping over the keys and not caring. Sometimes we hit a brick wall, and the words begin to fail us all. Except maybe for Paul. Look siad he Be like me. Just play. To have fun?

it like to have fun.

I think like always i am thinking about this too much.

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