On Belonging

Doesn’t everyone wish to belong; If not with someone then to a group or a special place?
It seems as if there is a common thread of longing to be wanted inside each of us.
From a child in need of a lap and safe hiding spot during a storm.
To teens all dressed in their “unique” clothing, hanging out with their friends.
Even adults seek the comfort of friends, or clubs, or things to satisfy this need.
Perhaps that is the reason some get lost in their addictions.
Why society is often so loud, and busy with a myriad of things to entertain, and places to go.
Everyone is seeking to quench that yearning to quell that ache of the need to just belong.
How fortunate are those who can stand the silence and find a creator calling.
Whom are brave enough to say, “I need you, please need me”...
Oh, to experience that wonderful warmth and joy of being loved, of finding acceptance.
The ache within so long accepted as normal, now suddenly gone.
To belong to find that place and time is like being wrapped in a sun-warmed blanket.
Is like a young child tightly hugging her mother and neither ever wanting to release the other.

Be*long"ing, n. [Commonly in the pl.]


That which belongs to one; that which pertains to one; hence, goods or effects.

"Thyself and thy belongings."



That which is connected with a principal or greater thing; an appendage; an appurtenance.


Family; relations; household.


Few persons of her ladyship's belongings stopped, before they did her bidding, to ask her reasons. Thackeray.


© Webster 1913.

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