She'd bustle
and as time ticked on
my pages turned endlessly.
The words sprang out
as the clock cleaned its face
of seconds, minutes, hours.

In the kitchen we danced
each stepped round the other
like we'd done it all our lives
and the recipe we both knew
and filled the stockpot ceaselessly
for all the soups we'd make
because after all, food is love.

She was never where she was supposed to be
in the grocery store
or near the baggage carousel.
Round and round I'd go
to find her watching a family reunion
tears behind her eyes
and then I'd kiss her.

I wanted to share this photo of a tree
whose name I didn't know
and each tree I see
I know you'd know it
its name and habit and where it grows best
and now each is anonymous.

There is a dot in the air
above the orchard
a hawk up high
or a hummingbird or bee
distance unknown
and still the clock tocks
and the pages turn



Ten years ago today, we lost grundoon.

Seventy years would not have been enough. I miss you.

Thank you to everyone both here and in Real Life™ who has helped me, and who still do. You know who you are ♥

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