..is McDonald's. Of the Sydney 2000 Olympics, that is. So it could be Burger King or Taco Bell for 2004. Or some local diner which isn't a multinational fast-food chain that laughably calls itself a restaurant. Okay, maybe there's a need for a designated official timekeeper and official airline. But "official restaurant"??

According to a press release from June 6, 2000, McDonald's is continuing its agreement to have "exclusive global Olympic marketing rights in the restaurant and food service category" for both the 2002 and 2004 Olympics. This gives them the right to use the Olympic rings in advertising and the title of "Official Restaurant Partner" for both Games. As part of the deal, McDonald's will provide food to athletes (and sell it to spectators) in Salt Lake City and Athens, just as the company did in Atlanta, Nagano, and Sydney. In Australia, McDonald's operated two restaurants in the Olympic Village, two for the media, and three for the public in the Olympic Park. They also provided service during the 2000 Paralympic Games. McDonald's has actually been an Olympic sponsor for many years - I have a videotape of the 1988 Olympics with some amusing old commercials for contests.

Source: http://www.mcdonalds.com/corporate/press/corporate/2000/06062000b/index.html

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