Oh, God! is an endearing 1977 comedy starring John Denver and George Burns. In his first and only feature film appearance, folk singer Denver displays some surprisingly good acting as Jerry Landers, an honest, hardworking father of two who is perfectly content with his job as assistent manager of a supermarket. His life is perfectly ordinary in every way until God (Burns) decides to make Jerry his latest messanger of peace and goodwill. Some hilarious episodes ensue as Jerry reluctantly tries to spread God's message, and everyone thinks he's nuts.

The movie takes a very religion-neutral approach to God. Burns is perfect as a goodhearted, wisecracking, and slightly absent-minded Almighty who doesn't care too much for organized religion and wishes that humanity would just get along and stop messing up the environment. Ultimately the message God wants Jerry to spread is very positive and proactive: that God exists, that he cares, and that people can change the world for the better but it's up to them because they have free will. The movie never feels heavy-handed in delivering this weighty message, however, due to its light-hearted approach and the fact that this incarnation of God is a witty, lovable, old guy. No matter what your beliefs are, this movie will make you laugh and give you some things to think about.

Oh, God! was a surprise success at the box office, and audiences were so enamored with George Burns' performance that he went on to reprise his role as the Creator in two sequels: Oh, God! Book II (1980) and Oh, God! You Devil (1984).

Partial Cast List

John Denver - Jerry Landers
George Burns - God
Teri Garr - Bobbie Landers
Paul Sorvino - Reverend Willie Williams
Barnard Hughes - Judge Baker
Donald Pleasence - Doctor Harmon
Dinah Shore - Herself

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