It's farewell to you now, my Johnny
You're bound far away from these shores
And it's really adieu now, my bonny
As nice as it's been being yours

   Oh, Johnny you know that I'll miss you
   And I hope you'll be back by and by
   So hold me tight now, let me kiss you
   But when you go, just say goodbye

So when you come back we'll be wedded?
Oh, Johnny, I really don't know
When I think of who you might have bedded
In the faraway places you go

You don't know when you'll be returning
Not sure if you'll ever come home
But you want me to keep the fires burning
And just dawdle here on my own

I wish you good travels my honey
With plenty of song and good beer
Perhaps you'll make plenty of money
But meanwhile I'll live my life here.

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