A nodeshell rescue and declaration of passion.

Oh, sneff, darling sneff, Wonder from Down Under, Anitpodal Kitchen God, wilt thou be my cook, my thief, my wife and my lover?

Every node a C!, every recipe a promise of gustatory ecstasy, how can I not fall at your feet? Feed me, darling sneff, from your stockpot, your fry pan, your oven of delight. You have stolen my heart; your superior node-fu leaves me weak in the knees, my heart palpitating. Steal away across the great Pacific and join me here in the Great Northwest. I will support us both, so that you may each day prepare a gourmet fascination for every sense, greeting me as I come through the door after a hard day at hard labour (see, darling sneff, I will even change my American spelling to please you). As you satisfy my body and soul with the talents of your fingers and mind, so shall I satisfy yours with mine, in the dark dangerous realm of the physical senses, where we shall become as one.

Come be mine, dearest sneff, come be my cook, my thief, my wife and my lover!

You downvoters are all just jealous, 'cause sneff cooks for /me/

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