If you were fortunate enough to attend college you probably had upon graduation a box full of lecture notes, papers, notebooks, random photocopies, timetables, etc, etc. What you then did with this box will reveal something of your personality.

Those who immediately threw away these items were either possessed of self-discipline and gumption or else hatred for their field of study. I am not concerned with those people.

Others will have kept their notes and to them I ask, "why?"

Is it because they may come in useful in the future?
In nearly all cases, no. If you ever want to refer back to something you learnt will you really dig under a pile of junk to search your unindexed scrawl? Or will you look it up in the library or on the Internet?

Do these notes constitute an important record or memento of your college years?
No. This is why you have a nice shiny degree certificate.

Have you kept these notes because you spent countless hours half-asleep scribbling them down as the professor droned on at the front of the class? Then, when exams approached, frantically trying to decipher the meaning of those incomplete hieroglyphics? Was so much work was put into the creation of that box of junk that you can't bear to part with it?

Relax. The benefit you derived from college is contained in your mind and personality and will not dissipate; it is not bound to your collection of papers. Don't let them own you. Take a deep breath and throw them away.

You will feel much better for it.

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