This is a collection of random poems I found, mostly unfinished. These are all old, many of them from my teenage years. None of them are finished, none of them are titled. Enjoy.

A simple oak leaf, pressed and dried between two sheafs of archival parchment, used as placeholder to traipse inken worlds.

In your hands you hold an old key, all contentions of function lost to the dissonance of any number of convex realities.

Under the ever-looming firmament of a thousand-thousand crafted worlds lay the underlying forms of entropy. Pentagons and pyramids wrought their deific geometry onto the worlds below.

Through layers of emptiness, I descend.

The lair concealed deep beneath my skin.

The darkness that I defend,

And what’s concealed within.


Descending further than before,

The sea below, 

What dreary title, then, 

Shall this dark realm bestow?

You contend me

With an air of divinity

So now I can see

The seas of eternity


These people grow weak

They’re afraid to speak

And now that they’ve from grace

Too ashamed to lift up their face

The air is changing.

The pretender's white frock hung heavy,
His spear glinting in the light of a dying sun.

Low and red the sun hung,
as the king's blood spilled out like dust.

Drink deeply of it, o annointed one, and stagger.

// Brevity Quest 2023

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