People walking around a crowed street in a no name big city. Everyone is minding their own business, not looking at each other, simply striding purposefully to some unknown place. Zoom in on hunched-over girl in a dingy white hooded sweatshirt with very matted, tangled dark red hair.

Eva: Just look at them walking around out there. Parasites looking for the artery. The big fat aorta that will bring them all the money and health and happiness they've ever wanted. There's dirt beneath their fingernails. Mine too, that's how I know. We always know our own kind. Those confused, curious looks full of fear we give each other? That's recognition, most of them just don't know it.

Eva reaches into a tattered leather satchel and takes out a cigarette and lights it, looking at the various high heels, Birkenstocks, Doc Martens and penny loafers parading past her. She pulls her knees in closer as she sits smoking.

Eva: It's been awhile since I liberated myself. I've thrown off the shackles of my padded white-washed world. Society I heed no longer. Thoughts no more where Ignorance is Bliss, right Mr. Gray?

Eva appears to be addressing a stray grey tomcat running down the alley nearby, and continues fidgeting with her cigarette.

Eva: Stupid cat. He can't possibly begin to understand the knowledge I have to impart to him. Now a days there is no audience, no one to listen. That's what's wrong with society, no one listens, not even people paid to listen. People paid to provide others with the absolute ego trip, an hour's worth of themselves.

After flicking her cigarette into the gutter, Eva begins ritualistically inspecting and biting her fingernails. As a couple walks past carrying an awkwardly shaped parcel, we hear a snippet of their conversation.

"But darling, are you sure your mother will approve of this painting? After all, she is so devout. Doesn't this seem a bit sacrilegious?"

"Mother will get used to it. She is living with us after all, she will have to adapt to our taste in art rather than imposing her own tastes upon us."

The couple continues on and Eva removes her finger from her mouth long enough to smirk.

Eva: Goddam Catholics. They did this. They hate the world more than everyone. They know I can see their hate so they try to lock me up, put me in their shrinking machines, try to feed me to the worms. But they can't beat me if they hide from themselves.

Eva lets out a shriek of pain and begins writhing and contorting on the sidewalk.

Eva: Spiders! Everywhere! On my insides, crawling through my veins and spinning webs in my lungs. Wiggling underneath my finger and toe nails trying to escape. Goddam it, someone help me! Get them off me!

The crowd parts to give Eva room, but no one moves to help her. Everyone simply continues on their way, even as Eva goes rigid and lies in a state of strenuous stillness, twitching occasionally.

Eva: They must have their spies out watching me, putting their controls on me. I can't move. I'm not breathing. Why am I still alive? Am I still alive? Things are happening all around me. There goes a triumphant Nike down the sweat encrusted sidewalk, and across the street there are biscotti conversing over cappuccino. The owners don't seem to notice their food ignoring normal food duties; remaining still as they are slowly devoured. My toes! I can feel them. But they are not normal toes. They have grown beyond normal toe length, stretching over the horizon into the harbor and traveling to China and around the Eiffel Tower while still attached to my body. Such toes must not be abided. One little piggy went to market....

Eva regains mobility and reaches for the notched pocket knife in her bag. Still continuing the child's rhyme, she begins cutting away the flesh on her little toe.

Eva: One little piggy had none...

The blade is not sharp enough nor is Eva strong enough to fully sever the toe. After several moments of anguished ripping and pounding, Eva throws the knife away in exhaustion, blood smeared on her white sweatshirt and running from her toe into the gutter to mingle with her cigarette and thousands of others' belongings. Eva watches the blood with calm curiousity.

Eva: Even my blood manages to do what my mind has not. It mingles and mixes with others and other things with ease and confidence.

A lady clad in white begins hurrying toward Eva.

"Eva? Is that you? What have you done to yourself? How long have you been out here by yourself? We've been looking everywhere for you. Dr. Imman is especially worried. Come with me, we must get you back to the hospital immediately.

"Doctor Daddy don wanna take me back. I don' wanna go back. I'm free here. Freer than cows in India. Magic cows."

"Eva, don't talk nonsense. We're going back now."

"Even your cow death house can't keep my mind captive. My mind is free as my body is free here."

The nurse reaches into her purse and retracts some pills.

"Eva dear, please be a good girl and take your medication."

"Mindnumblies no good. No mindnumblies for Eva ever again."

"Eva, please.. I don't want to do this."

The nurse reaches into her purse once again and pulls out a large syringe mumbling apologies to Eva as she expertly inserts it into Eva's arm. Eva stares in blank confusion a few moments before passing out into the nurse's expectant arms. The nurse then calls the Psych Ward and waits with Eva until the ambulance arrives, taking the nurse and Eva back to the hospital.

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