It should also be said that QualComm named their email client (Eudora) after her because of her (rather well written) story "Why I live at the P.O." Just another useless fact you don't need to know.

Update (July 24, 2001): Sadly, on July 23, 2001, Eudora Welty passed from us, at the noble age of 92, after a long battle with pneumonia.

Her passing has been mourned by the world of Literature. Many of todays professional writers were influenced by her works depicting life in the depression-era South.

Nobel laureate Toni Morrison wrote "She was exceptional, a beautiful writer, very knowing, measured. There was a profound kind of intimacy in her writing that was not smart-alecky. She just understood people and revealed things about them very economically."*

Shortly before her passing, her doctor posted a sign on her door explaining that she was unable to give autographs to her fans, and in a personal gesture, Welty herself added a handwritten apology. Sadly, however, it was reportedly taken as a souvenir by some unknown soul.

*Quote via Jack Elliott Jr. of the Associated Press.

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