The X-files

One Breath
Episode: 2X08
First aired:11/11/94
Written by: Glen Morgan and James Wong
Directed by: R.W. Goodwin

A very memoriable episode.

Mrs. Scully tells Mulder a story of Scully when she was little. Scully's brothers got her a B.B gun and taught her to shoot it at cans but they start to shoot it at a snake and kill it. Little Scully realizes what she did and starts to cry, holding the snake while it dies in her hands. Mrs. Scully shows Mulder that she has bought a tombstome for Scully but Mulder tells her not to give up hope.

Scully turns up at the hospital in a coma state but no one knows how she got there. Mrs. Scully and Mulder meet with the doctor who informs them that Scully is in critical condition and they are unsure of how this arose. He reminds them of Scully's will which says she doesn't want to live in this condition, meaning to take her off life support. It is noted that Mulder signed as her witness.

Mulder meets Scully's sister, Mellissa Scully, who is the total oppostite of her, Mellissa believes in psychic readings. We see in Scully's mind -- she is siting in a small row boat, tied to a dock (about 50 or so feet away). Scully sees, on the dock, Mulder and Mellissa and a nurse.

Mulder seeks help from the Lone Gunmen. He shows them Scully's charts and the tell him that her DNA has been experimented with.

Back to Scully's mind. She see's Nurse Owens on the dock telling her to hold on and not to give up. Later, a nurse comes into the room to take Scully's blood. A mysterious man steals a sample of her blood and Mulder runs after him. In the basement, Mulder encounters X who tells him to stop searching and accept that Scully will die. Mulder runs after the man but X kills the man.

Later, Mulder, Mrs. Scully, and Mellissa talk with the doctor. The Scullys agree that Scully has decided what to do in her will and go to turn off her resperator. We see Scully in the boat again. The rope holding her to shore tightens and snaps, and Scully floats slowly away.

Skinner talks with Mulder who talks to him about Scully. Mulder tells him that Cigarrete-Smoking Man has to be involved.

Back to Scully's mind: we see Scully lying on a table in a white dress. From one side her father dressed in an admirals uniform steps to the table and talks to her. In reality we see Nurse Owens still telling Scully not to give up.

Mulder finds out where CSM lives. He suprises CSM in his home and demands information and also threatens to kill him. However CSM threatens Mulder telling him that if he kills him he'll never know the truth. Mulder reluctently leaves but CSM is clearly shaken.

Believing that he is responsible for Scully's condition, Mulder types up his resignation letter to Skinner. Skinner, however, stops him and tells him that it is unnacceptable.

X warns Mulder that men will enter his apartment and search for evidence of Scully's dissaperance. Mulder waits in his apartment with a gun. However, Mellissa comes to see him to tell him that Scully is weakining and that he should come to the hospital. Eventually, he does come to see her.

In the morning, Mulder finds his apartment completely wrecked. Everything is in shambles. He slumps down on the floor, crying.

We see Scully lying in a forest but the scene fades slowly into the hospital room and Scully opens her eyes. The nurse calls for help, and Mulder gets the message.

Mulder goes to see Scully who is with her mom and sister. He is obviously relieved to see that she is okay and hands her her cross back. Later, Scully asks for Nurse Owens, but the nurse says there isn't any such nurse working there.

Important Quotes:
Mulder -- "I want to see her admission forms. Who did this to her? I want to see what tests have been done! Listen, if you’re hiding anything, I swear, I will do anything, whatever it takes, I will find out what they did to her!"

Mulder -- "Will she live?"
Byers -- "Um... her immune system has been decimated and, uh... I doubt even a healthy human body has the ability to fight this. Mulder, there’s nothing you can do."

Mulder -- "All the forensics, the field investigations, the eyewitness accounts... to still know nothing. To lose myself... and Scully. I hate what I’ve become."

Mulder -- "Brought you a present. "Superstars of the Super Bowl.""
Scully -- "I knew there was a reason to live."

Scully -- "Mulder? I had the strength of your beliefs."

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

One Breath

With deepest of breath she emerges

Eyes squinting at pure brightness

Her heart quickens with deep fear

Hot air trapped within her chest

Her first instinct to turn back

Hand on the door, still ajar

Looking back into the dark room

A stale empty prison

A stale empty safe haven

Somehow wills the door shut

Turning from place of comfort

Eyes wide open steps forward

Taking in the sweetest scent imaginable

As if seeing for the first time

All senses flooded with expectation

Bidding farewell to herself

Saying hello to herself

Icy fear melting, evaporating up

Walls crashing into dust

Giving birth to amazing lightness

Letting go of heavy burden, exhales

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