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A more popular form of cricket, it involves two teams playing an innings each, with the second team attempting to surpass the first team's score. It has more strict rules for bowling discipline, to encourage the bowler to allow the batsman to strike the ball thereby increasing the excitement level of the game and discouraging lame test match tactics. There are also different rules for the fielding side during the first 15 overs, to allow the batsmen a little more freedom in striking boundaries and get the game rolling a bit easier.

Each innings lasts 50 overs, but may be reduced in the event of disturbances such as inclement weather. One-day matches may take place as either day matches or day/night matches. Day matches begin around mid-morning so as to allow the match to finish in the late afternoon. Day/night matches begin mid-afternoon with the first innings being played in natural daylight, and the second innings being played under stadium lights.

Teams may also dress in any coloured outfit they prefer, and during day/night matches a white ball is used instead of the regular red. Due to the length of time that matches are played, imo it is still the best sport to drink cold beer with your buddies by.

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